Compliance & Community Development Committee

Thor Conley | CHAIRMAN
Compliance Officer, Bank of Idaho

Kayla Smola | VICE-CHAIR
Sr. Lending Operations Officer, 1st Federal 

The IBA Compliance and Community Development Committee has a dual purpose: (1) To enhance the ability of individual IBA member banks to understand, reply to, and comply with the various laws and regulations governing banking today, (2) To promote the understanding of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) and to help IBA members become aware of appropriate programs for CRA and to facilitate relations and partnerships with CRA appropriate entities. This committee works in partnership with the Seattle Branch of the San Francisco Federal Reserve in developing meaningful agendas.  They also work with representatives from the FDIC, the OCC and the Idaho Department of Finance to create opportunities for committee members to engage in informative discussions regarding compliance and community development.

This committee shares the resources and talents of its membership to raise the level of expertise, compliance, efficiency and effectiveness of each individual member bank.

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