As a banker, your business and every day operation depends largely on decisions made by elected officials. A strong political action committee is essential for an effective government relations effort. IdaBankPAC allows for Idaho bankers to strategically position their interests with state and federal policymakers by:

  • Protecting and promoting the interests of your bank and the entire banking industry.
  • Educating legislators about issues concerning banks and their customers.
  • Providing a vehicle for Idaho bankers to be recognized as a unified voice

Why Support IdaBankPAC

To combat anti-bank measures in legislative arenas, the IBA relies on your financial support. Contributions to IdaBankPAC enable Idaho bankers and IBA staff to have direct contact with legislators by providing them with the funds to make contributions to candidates. They can also participate in sponsoring and attending political events where your money is directed toward targeted campaigns. These activities cannot be conducted with your IBA membership dues. Instead, they must be funded by your IdaBankPAC investment.

Join the IdaBankPAC President’s Club

As you know, individual banker contributions are the backbone of IdaBankPAC. The Idaho Bankers Association has established the IdaBankPAC President’s Club to recognize those who are systematically and consistently in the forefront of annual banker support and to encourage individual banker contributions. Bankers who contribute $500 or more per year become members of the IdaBankPAC President’s Club and will receive special recognition and invites to the President’s Club Social at our annual convention and ICBA Management & Director’s Leadership Conference.

How Do I Invest in IdaBankPAC?

the IBA can handle contributions is several different ways.

  1. The IBA has “Recurring Billing” via credit or debit card. This is our newest billing feature and provides a convenient payment option for bank employee contributions needs. Donors can pay by credit or debit card with a custom weekly, monthly or annual schedule.
  2. The IBA can implement an ACH “Direct Debit” from your bank account. Donors can transfer using the same weekly, monthly or annual schedule.
  3. Bank Payroll Deduction through a deduction code to IdaBankPAC.

Every bank employee, officer and director has a vested interest in protecting Idaho’s banking industry. Do it for your future. Do it today.

IdaBankPAC’s Federal PAC Fund cannot accept corporate contributions; however the State PAC Fund can accept corporate contributions. All donations are voluntary and are not deductible as charitable contributions for tax purposes.

QUESTIONS? Contact (208) 342-8282.