We are issuing a survey to our bankers with the following questions about ‘back to work’ actions. IBA will be glad to share the results and comments once they have been compiled. As on now, Governor Little has set a ‘tiered’ reopen policy with many businesses looking at implementing some reopening on May 8. Our Idaho public schools and universities are OUT for the remainder of this school year.

In Stage 1, which would start Friday, most retailers, houses of worship, and day care or youth camps could reopen, so long as they maintain strict social distancing measures. Subsequent stages, if all criteria for continuing progress against the coronavirus are met, call for dine-in restaurants, gyms and hair salons to reopen May 16; public and private gatherings of between 10 and 50 people to resume May 30; and bars, movie theaters and other large venues to reopen June 16, all with social distancing provisions in place.
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