Letter from the Chairman

Jim Evans – D.L. Evans Bank

There are many things that can impact the success or failure of a bank, but the decisions made by state and federal lawmakers on issues impacting our industry can significantly challenge our ability to be successful. It is for this reason that IdaBankPAC is an important part of our governmental affairs program.

The banking industry has a vested interest in supporting those candidates that are supportive of the business community in general, and specifically Idaho banks. It is through IdaBankPAC that the IBA raises funds to contribute to both state and federal legislative candidates. IBA membership dues cannot be used for this purpose, so it takes individual and corporate contributions to IdaBankPAC to make it happen.

IBA members continue to show their commitment to IdaBankPAC with their contributions to this important banking industry effort. I am happy to report that Idaho Bankers contributed $53,000.00 to IdaBankPAC in our last fundraising cycle! This is great news as it allows us to engage more effectively in each election cycle.

Whether it is the IBA Silent Auction, which was held during our Annual Convention, individual contributions going toward becoming an IBA President’s Club Member, corporate contributions from your bank, or even employee and director engagement, there are so many ways to contribute to IdaBankPAC.  As Chair of the IdaBankPAC Committee I challenge you to reach out to the IBA staff and find ways to engage your employees and help us continue to reach new heights in our fundraising efforts.

A sincere thanks to all the IBA members who have been such great contributors to IdaBankPAC – it makes a difference.