Why is IdaBankPAC Important?

As a banker, your business and every day operation depends largely on decisions made by elected officials. A strong political action committee is essential for an effective government relations effort. IdaBankPAC allows for Idaho bankers to strategically position their interests with state and federal policymakers by:

Protecting and promoting the interests of your bank and the entire banking industry
Educating legislators about issues concerning banks and their customers
Providing a vehicle for Idaho bankers to be recognized as a unified voice

Why Get Involved?

To combat anti-bank measures in legislative arenas, the IBA relies on your financial support. Contributions to IdaBankPAC enable Idaho bankers and IBA staff to have direct contact with legislators by providing them with the funds to make contributions to candidates. They can also participate in sponsoring and attending political events where your money is directed toward targeted campaigns. These activities cannot be conducted with your IBA membership dues. Instead, they must be funded by your IdaBankPAC investment.

Your Investment:

· Gives you the power to shape the banking industry’s future
· Paves the way for participation in the political legislative process
· Helps to shape public policy that responds to the needs of your bank and your customers
· Provides the power to endorse positive banking legislation and defeat or amend legislation with a
negative banking impact
· Is an investment in your future

How are IdaBankPAC funds distributed?

Contributions to state candidates are based upon their voting records, committee assignments and leadership positions. Contributions to the Idaho congressional delegation are determined with input from the IBA and the American Bankers Association. For federal purposes, the IBA is an affiliate of the ABA BankPAC.

Make a Donation

Help us, help you. Show your support for IdaBankPAC. Your contribution today will have a lasting impact on tomorrow’s banking industry.

As you know, individual banker contributions are the backbone of the IdaBankPAC. Beginning 2015 the Idaho Bankers Association has created the IdaBankPAC President’s Club to recognize those who are systematically and consistently in the forefront of annual banker support for IdaBankPAC and to encourage individual banker contributions in addition to corporate giving. Individual bankers who contribute $500 or more per year become members of the IdaBankPAC President’s Club and will receive special recognition and invites to the President’s Club Social at our annual convention and ICBA Management & Director’s Leadership Conference.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I invest in IdaBankPAC?

A: Investing is easy. Simply fill out the above contribution form and attach it to your IdaBankPAC contribution check. Every bank employee, officer and director has a vested interest in protecting Idaho’s banking industry. Do it for your future. Do it today.

Q: Why should you contribute?

A: As a banker, you are in a business that depends largely on decisions made by elected officials. IdaBankPAC provides bankers with opportunities to support candidates that understand and appreciate banker concerns. PAC donations enable the IBA to support legislative candidates by making campaign contributions and participating in and sponsoring political events.

Q: How does IdaBankPAC advance the goals of the banking industry?

A: The purpose of IdaBankPAC is to provide an opportunity for persons interested in the welfare and future of Idaho banking to contribute to the support of candidates for state and federal office who believe and have demonstrated their beliefs in the purposes, principles and missions of Idaho bankers.
QUESTIONS? Contact the IdaBankPAC office at (208) 342-8282, P.O. Box 638, Boise, ID 83701
IdaBankPAC’s Federal PAC Fund cannot accept corporate contributions; however the State PAC Fund can
accept corporate contributions. All donations are voluntary and are not deductible as charitable contributions for tax purposes.