Compliance Alliance is a great tool! It’s great having one source that you can rely on especially in our ever changing compliance world. You don’t have to look at numerous web sites — it’s all right here — everything you need to know in one great website.

Kathy AlexanderWolverine Bank, Midland, MI

We have been very satisfied with the service and consulting that [Compliance Alliance has] for community banks. We get up-to-date written policies, timely updates on changes in regulation and unprecedented consulting services. This is as good as hiring the most expensive law firm at a fraction of the cost.

Mark WilliamsonWest Texas State Bank, Snyder, TX

We [have] determined that Compliance Alliance is exactly what we need . . . and even more!  Compliance Alliance is a portal full of tools that will keep us from reinventing the wheel and staying on target with all of the current and future regulatory changes and additions!

Lanie GardnerFirst National Bank of Muhlenberg County, Central City, KY

Founded in 2011, Compliance Alliance is the only banking industry compliance resource that is owned, operated and managed by 27 State Bankers Associations. Based on the needs of community bankers, Compliance Alliance provides its members an ever-increasing set of Bank Compliance Services that help them stay up-to-date with consumer and regulatory requirements. Compliance Alliance members enjoy:

Our All-Access Hotline
Any employee of a member bank can contact Compliance Alliance to address their regulatory and consumer compliance questions or concerns. The hotline is available from 7 AM to 5:30 PM Central time by phone, email or live chat.

Document Reviews
Find comfort in knowing that your documents are fully compliant by submitting them for unlimited review by our in-house experts. Our team will conduct a full analysis and return documents with recommendations within three business days.

Easy Access to Regulations
The Compliance Alliance website contains quick access to both federal and state regulatory information and allows members to easily search regulations on our website. Our hotline is also available to do the federal research for you!

Summaries of New Regulations
1,500 page regulations have become the norm. Toss the book aside and let Compliance Alliance do the work for you. Our attorneys summarize each new regulation using layman’s terms to explain exactly how your bank will be impacted by the changes. Our summaries also include action plans for implementation.

Regular Updates on Regulations
Through consistent communication, we keep our members informed and ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest changes in the baking regulations industry.

Your Banking Regulation Experts
The Compliance Alliance team consists of former regulators, attorneys and compliance specialists. We share a passion for, and expertise in, banking and compliance. As a result, Compliance Alliance understands your needs and can offer detailed expertise to help you tackle your most difficult compliance issues and questions.