ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking

  • June 6-13, 2024 (Enrollment deadline is May 1, 2024- class size is limited)
  • June 5-12, 2025

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Stonier prepares today’s banking leaders for tomorrow’s opportunities through a comprehensive program that combines aspects of strategic planning, leadership, economics, and financial management. Extension work and projects round-out the curriculum and continue your development between the yearly on-site sessions.

Leadership represents an important segment of the Stonier program. As faculty from the Wharton School move you through a wide range of topics in this area, they will help you develop skills to effectively motivate and mentor others, and collaborate and network across divisions within your organization to meet high-priority goals.

Course work between Years 1 and 2 includes two written assignments in the areas of bank performance analysis, and either economics or marketing. A high-impact Capstone strategic project between Years 2 and 3 provides a unique opportunity to address a major initiative within your own organization.

Questions? Contact Stonier Program Director, Perette Bonner at (800) BANKERS or go to www.aba.com

Did you know Stonier is the nation’s original graduate banking school? The ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking celebrates its 85th anniversary in 2020, and continues to lead the way with a reputation as the industry’s preeminent graduate banking program. From its prestigious faculty and student body to its stimulating curriculum focusing on leadership, Stonier delivers the highest standard of executive education.

Stonier’s partnership with Wharton [University of Pennsylvania] truly sets the program apart. This is the only graduate banking school that partners with an Ivy League university, and Stonier graduates earn both a Stonier Diploma and Wharton Leadership Certificate.