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IBA Endorsed Providers Can Assist Your Bank and Your Career
IBA’s Endorsed Partners List

The Idaho Bankers Association is always looking for ways to help its members save time and money. Thanks to the group-buying power of our membership, the association is able to do just that by negotiating with companies to provide the most competitive business products, rates and services possible.

The services IBA offers are those which most bankers use every day to aid them in the successful operation of their businesses. Presently, 40% of all IBA members are participating in one or more of IBA’s endorsed business service programs – such as ABA Insurance Services, Compliance Alliance, Cook Security, Harland Clarke, Office Depot, Promintory and TTS Webinars to name a few. Other businesses that IBA is currently negotiating with include document storage solutions, cyber security, captive insurance pooling, payment processing and legal.

Many of these IBA programs offer special member pricing – the savings from which make it the membership that can literally pay for itself … and even put money back in the bank! Members have saved countless time and resources over this past year by participating in IBA’s endorsed business services.

Before another year passes, check with IBA’s endorsed providers for assistance in making that very difficult decision of who will provide services for your bank. For additional information about endorsements, contact IBA at

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