Financial Services Affiliate Membership

Membership Overview:
The Financial Services Affiliate Membership expands on the Associate Membership by providing comprehensive access to various committees as well as in-depth insights into legislative and regulatory developments within the Idaho Bankers Association (IBA).

Eligibility Criteria:
This membership category is tailored for a diverse range of financial entities that may not have a physical presence in Idaho but are active in the financial sector. Eligible organizations include:

– Banks and thrifts operating outside of Idaho
– Fintech Companies
– Mortgage Brokers
– Credit Card Banks
– Trust Companies
– Community Development Finance Institutions
– Insurance Companies
– Securities Firms
– Law and Accounting Firms specializing in banking
– Investment Banking Firms
– Other firms meeting the IBA Board of Directors’ qualification criteria

Membership Benefits:
Financial Services Affiliates enjoy a suite of value-added resources:

– Full participation in IBA Committees with voting rights
– Comprehensive access to governmental affairs information
– Member-rate access to all IBA events and educational programs
– Invitations to exclusive meetings and events
– Engagement in legislative session conference calls focusing on lobbying efforts and legislative monitoring

Contact for Inquiries:
For more information or any queries, please reach out to Trent Wright at the IBA. Contact number: (208) 342-8282.