IBA Committees are a way for bankers to interact with their peers from the banking industry. Each committee provides an excellent forum for the discussion of the latest topics of interest. Speakers provide valuable information that keep members current on important issues. Through a process of CEO recommendation and self-nomination, bankers are chosen to serve on the appropriate committee to work with their peers on industry specific issues.

Agricultural Bankers Committee

Endorsement Committee

Government Affairs Committee

IdaBankPAC Committee

Trust Committee


  • Leadership opportunities
  • Visibility within the banking industry
  • Networking with other active professionals
  • Being part of a committed team
  • Seeing the big picture which can help you to prepare for change
  • Gaining experience that can enhance your career


  • Benefit of Banker expertise
  • Banker participation creates vibrant, valuable committees
  • Banker participation allows the IBA to learn about and respond to political, regulatory, educational, and other needs of the industry