About IBA

The Idaho Bankers Association (IBA) is Idaho’s only full-service trade association representing commercial banks of all sizes and charters that operate in the state. The mission of the IBA is to meet the changing and growing needs of Idaho banks through governmental affairs advocacy, information dissemination, education, and promoting the interests of the banking industry in all forums. We are a central resource and provide assistance to our members on a variety of issues. Our strong committee structure, seminars and workshops, and annual events are all other benefit of membership, as is our close alliance with the American Bankers Association.

The IBA plays an essential role in helping to educate policy-makers, the media, and the public about the realities, complexities and regulatory environment of the banking industry. Whether it is explaining the potential impact of new laws, or seeking changes to existing laws, our aim is to work toward a level and competitive marketplace in which regulatory burden is reasonable and consumer protections are practical and common sense.

We also promote the tremendous contributions banks make to their local communities in the form of financial contributions and volunteer hours to charitable causes, as well as disseminate information that is important to the public and their confidence in the banking system.

Of the approximate $19.3 billion held in Idaho banks, IBA members safeguard and invest approximately 95% of those dollars. Membership in the IBA demonstrates a bank’s commitment not only to their own bank, but to the entire banking industry and recognizes that by working together we can have a far greater impact.