As you know, individual banker contributions are the backbone of IdaBankPAC. The Idaho Bankers Association has established the IdaBankPAC President’s Club to recognize those who are systematically and consistently in the forefront of annual banker support and to encourage additional individual banker contributions. Bankers who contribute $500 or more per year become members of the IdaBankPAC President’s Club and will receive special recognition and invites to the President’s Club Social at our annual convention and ICBA Management & Director’s Leadership Conference.

The IdaBankPAC President’s Club represents the most generous supporters of the IBA’s. By accepting this invitation to join the President’s Club you will be confident in the knowledge that your contribution is critical to the IBA’s success and ensures our industry is being heard.

  • Benefits of Membership Include

  • Complimentary registration to all PAC sponsored events
  • President’s Club Membership Pin
  • Information on the Elections
  • Membership Ribbon at IBA and ICBA Conferences
  • Access to IdaBankPAC Insiders
  • Recognition on IBA website

Corporate Matching Gifts

Corporate matching gifts can be included in your cumulative total once the IBA receives the matching gift form.

Recent Graduates Program

Alumni of our Executive Development Program or IBA Partnered Graduate Schools of Banking are automatically enrolled in the President’s Club when their cumulative cash giving during a rolling 12-month calendar year reaches $100 for each year since their graduation.