Mark Zinder to Speak at the Idaho Community Bankers Association Leadership Conference January 27th and 28th, 2020, at the Grove Hotel in Boise.  Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from a leading financial expert, trend forecaster, and seasoned keynote speaker.

He has traveled the globe delivering more than 2,000 presentations to hundreds of thousands of  people around the world. He is also a regular guest on Fox Business and CNBC, sharing his expertise  and positive outlook while tackling tough questions on the economy.

Mark’s extensive background spans 33 years and includes being the National Spokesman for Franklin  Templeton. During that time, he worked side-­‐by-­‐side with Sir John Templeton, Dr. Mark Mobius,  and Mr. Michael Price to hone his ability to spot trends before they become obvious.

Laughing is the key to learning, and connecting with your clients is the key to success. Mark’s  high-­‐energy presentation focuses on these elements and motivates you to think differently to  achieve success in today’s constantly changing world.

$29 Ticket only: Good for ONE of Mark Zinder’s presentations on Monday, January 27th:

-What Happens Next? Looking Backwards to see into the Future /10:30am-11:45am

-Is it different This Time? History or Hysteria/4:00pm-5:00pm

$59 Lunch Package: What Happens Next?

Looking Backwards to see into the Future with Mark Zinder | 10:30am– 1:00pm & includes lunch

$118 Dinner Package: Is it Different This Time?

History or Hysteria with Mark Zinder 4:00pm– 5:00pm & includes Legislative Reception & Dinner

$89 Ticket only: Legislative Reception, Dinner & Entertainment