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Tactics for Navigating Tectonic Shifts in Liquidity

Scott Hildenbrand Managing Director Head of Balance Sheet Analysis and Strategy Head of Piper Sandler Hedging Services This year has presented bank management teams with a multitude of issues to juggle, many of which seemingly pull in opposing directions, and most of which were not firmly on the radar to start the year. Such is […]


ZIONS BANK PRESIDENT AND CEO ELECTED CHAIR-ELECT OF AMERICAN BANKERS ASSOCIATION Scott Anderson is on track to lead the nation’s banking industry association in 2021 BOISE, Idaho; Oct. 21, 2020 — Zions Bank President and CEO Scott Anderson was elected chairman-elect of the American Bankers Association during its annual convention Oct. 20. He will serve […]

Speak up to Support PPP Forgiveness Standalone Bill

Advocacy Opportunity – Congress seems to be at an impasse for now on a coronavirus relief bill, so we’re asking IBA members to engage with your member of Congress to support a standalone bill to streamline PPP forgiveness. There are bills in the House and Senate for consideration, H.R. 7777 and S.4117. The bipartisan bills […]

2020 Five State Virtual Banker Convention!

Many state banking associations chose to cancel their annual conventions but not us! We are excited to invite you to join us VIRTUALLY for our 2020 convention. REGISTER The 2020 Virtual Convention, hosted by the Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, and Washington Bankers Association, includes two days of interactive and engaging sessions, designed for bankers of […]

Idaho banks rocked the PPP!

Idaho banks rocked the PPP! $1.85B in paycheck dollars for small businesses and their employees. Contact your Idaho Congressional delegation to tell them we need more funding for the PPP. The need is great! Idaho banks assisted in completing 13,627 PPP loans totaling nearly $1.85 billion in approved dollars. Thank you to all the bankers […]

Idaho’s Financial Institutions Proactive on Coronavirus

BOISE – Idaho’s Banks have sprung into action to meet the financial service needs of our state’s families and businesses during the coronavirus public health emergency. The Idaho Bankers Association and the Idaho Community Bankers Association collectively represent Idaho federally insured depository institutions. On behalf of our members, we want to share the following important […]

“Tailoring” on appraisals when a qualified appraiser cannot be found.

S.2155 Section 103 Exemption from Appraisal of Real Property located in Rural Areas, provides an exemption under certain circumstances that you can have an “waiver” if unable to locate an appraiser.  There are several requirements in order to meet this exemption.  Additionally, the Final Rule published last week by the inter-agency on the Residential Real […]